From Nature Back To Basics

In pursuit of the perfect harmony between nature and human units, every inspiration of our product series is generated from a profound understanding of natural ingredients supported by hi-tech access to material selection and quality assurance.

Our History

We are one of the rare 20 UMF global members, with a more than 30-year uncompromisingly credible operation.

We are aimed to provide you with high end medical, health care, and beauty products which are completely taken and formed with natural essence.

Home Featured Project
Home Featured Project

Our RD Team

Iuvenum & Forma owns a world class independent R&D institution, I&F Laboratory.

I&F Laboratory devoted to the exploration of the pure natural elements and human anti-aging technology. A full range of honey tests have been carried out such as flavor, color, aroma and UMF content level, specifically for the agriculture industry and our lab continue to develop methods to meet the future testing needs.

Our Values

Customer focus     We do not stay in the words but apply "customer is God" into every detail of business management, processing procedures, quality assurance, and after-sales service. Your fundamental interests are the direction of our progress.

Integrity and social responsibility     We believe integrity is the best policy. We are dedicated to the cause of human wellbeing with the best, safest solutions.

Team spirit      We appreciate collective brain storm as well as respect individual talents. We are a creative, caring, energetic team whose members discuss, share, study together. Everyone is given full play of their potentials in improving our services.

Home Featured Project

Product raw material

Raw materials must go through a rigorous selection, chemical and GMO testing to ensure they are all natural ingredients of the highest quality. Raw materials are carefully selected and purchased mainly from south pacific non-industrial countries such as Polynesia and Fiji's plants, Tahiti's pearls. The production is based on natural properties of raw materials without artificial processing and made easy to assimilate.


Manuka honey is the unique bioactive monofloral honey which swept around the world for its antibacterial, healing, health-enhancing properties. It can be made into sweetening agent, honey ointment, and facial cream.


Modern medicine research has found the compounds in pearl take an active part in human metabolism. Pearl is a natural gift for anti-aging, color brightening and skin moisturizing. Pearl can contribute to the treatment of oral ulcer, neurasthenia and hysteria (mental disease), etc.

Volcano Mud

Volcano mud is rich in precious energy and nutritional ingredients. It's a best nutrition source for human body recovering, skin tightening, aged cutin softening, color revitalizing and a paragon chemical-free raw material for high-level facial mask.

Bee Venom

The bee venom is a complex compound of protein produced in the abdomen of worker bees. Since it is blessed with favorable antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic healing effects, bee venom has a wide external application in our medical honey and beauty product series.